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Feb 15, 2009

How to add tags field on blogspot

Tags are very important for your blog if you wanna get a better indexing by google because tags are actually the keywords of your post. By adding tags after each post you can also help your readers to find easier your articles.

The problem is that the blogspot platform has no tag field like wordpress for example. But now this problem is gone.

I have modified a Technocrati user script that will include a tags field at the end of the create and edit post blogger forms and also keep your visitors on your blog (originally this script was linking tags with technocrati web site). If you wanna test how this works, just click on one of my tags.

This script works as a firefox add-on and can be installed with greasemonkey, but don't worry this script will change the aspect only for the create and edit posts pages on blogger. !!! This script works only for blogspot (blogger) on firefox browser.

How to install? (2 steps)

1. First of all you have to download the Greasemonkey add-on (by clicking on Add to Firefox button) and install it. After that restart your firefox browser. If the installation went well, a little monkey head icon should appear on the bottom right corner of your browser. see here

2. Download cioco_blog-tags.user.js script. Click on the download button and then click on install.

You are done. Now go on your create or edit post page and you will see that a tags field is added at the end of your form.

Something like this: