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Jun 1, 2015

Waiting for a kiss

I have to fight! I have to fight! I have to fight... for her! I do not know if she is the one, but I have to fight for every chance, for every glimpse... of love. I have to be, I have to be, I have to be... with her. I do not know if "have" is a must or just a need, but every single second without her, I feel less me.

Erick is walking through the park. He is alone, he is heading nowhere.

"Nowhere" is not a place, it's just a very abstract word. Like many things in the Universe, when there is only ONE, there's nothing, there's emptiness, there's abstract, but where there are TWO all the things begin to make sense and creation appears. This is also the case with "nowhere" which it is  actually two words: "now" and "here".

Now and there, a couple of feet in front of him, on a bench, she was sitting with one arm spread over the backrest. Erick is looking at her, at her arms, at her shoulders covered partially by a light brown hair with blond strands.

She didn't see him, because she was facing the other direction, but strangely, as Erick gets closer to her bench, she turns her head and looks directly at him, like she felt that she was admired, like she felt that he was there, right behind her.

Erick avoids her eyes quickly and passes by her bench. After a few steps he stops. "Should I do something? What should I do now?", he asks himself. He chooses to sit down on the bench near him. He sits there for a while, with his head down, thinking. He was thinking what to say to her.

Then he decides that he will do nothing, he will just sit there and admire her for a while. So... he looks at her. She is reading and she doesn't have any rings on her fingers. After a few pages, she looks up and she meets his eyes. At first just for a second, but then... SHE SEES HIM.

They look at each other from the distance, staying still, saying nothing. Her eyes are slowly getting wet and then she starts to cry.

Why do people cry? Are they crying because are sad? Then why do they also cry when they are happy? Maybe we cry because it is the only emotion we cannot fake.

Erick stands up and goes to her. He is shivering. He takes her hands and looks at her. She has wrinkles all over her face, but her eyes are still the same, same green eyes which first looked at him 20 years ago.

Her name is Alisha. 20 years ago he met her at a party. She was wearing a very tight black skirt and she was dancing like crazy. At first, he thought he doesn't have a chance to tame her, but one evening she looked at him like he was the only man in the room and then he understood... he doesn't have to tame her, he has to free her.

They met, they talked a lot, they laughed a lot, they felt in love, but they never kissed, because her lips were burnt out by too many dry relationships.

He was young and foolish, he didn't had the patience to wait for her to heal. So... like always, he didn't stay to fight for her love. He just went on winning other foolish battles, from which he gain nothing.

Erick sits beside her and hands her a handkerchief to wipe out her tears. She is still as beautiful and sexy as twenty years ago, even if now she wears a blue long dress, not a black leather skirt.

She looks at him. He is full of wrinkles, much uglier than 20 years ago, but his eyes seem to be full of wisdom. He has been through a lot, he carried many many battles. Now, he is not just a good fighter, he is a survivor.

She has so many questions to ask him, but the words just don't come out. He has so many questions to ask her, but instead of words he can only offer her some tears. Without saying anything, he takes her face in his hands and kisses her.